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Latest News

On this page, we hope to bring you some of the breaking news across our various topics of interest, from other organisations, societies, zoos or people's experiences.

Birds New Zealand, Auckland Monthly Meeting

2nd of August, 7:30pm, Unitec Building 115, Room 2005

Colin Miskelly (Te Papa): An Indian (Ocean) Summer - Seabird conservation & research on Reunion, Crozet & Kerguelen Islands.

Treasurer needed - June 2016

If you fancy joining our team, we're in need of a treasurer to help keep track of our finances and attend board meetings every two to three months.  It's not a lot of work, but just requires someone reliable and trustworthy who's willing to help.  Please contact us here or on our Facebook page to discuss further!

Whio in Partnership

We had an excellent talk by Andrew Glaser from the Department of Conservation talking about their partnership with Genesis Energy in the conservation of the Whio (blue duck).  Do check out the website for loads of interesting facts and information and spread the word!


Farewell to Christine!

In October 2015 Christine Liggins stood down from the board of managers as secretary.  She has been an integral part of the Society since 2007, and we wish her all the best for the future (and of course hope that she stays in touch).  We have welcomed Susanna Lewis to the team, and look forward to her input as we move the Society forward.

Our first podcast!

Curious to know what our seminars are like?  Then listen to our very first podcast of Seminar One of 2015, where we had Jenny Chung, of Franklin Zoo, speak to us about Mila's journey to her first elephant family!  Seminar One of 2015


Cheetah Cubs at Orana Park

Orana Park

Four young cheetah cubs born at Orana Park have received their first vaccinations.  The young cats (genetically important individuals for the region) have been hand reared since April when their first time mother abandoned them.  Click on the Orana Park logo below for the whole story.

Mini Monkeys at Wellington Zoo

Pygmy Marmoset

Smallest monkeys in the world have arrived at Wellington.  At the weight of a large tomato, these South American miniatures have arrived from the UK and are housed next to the cafe for all to see.  Click on the picture to go to whole story.