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Welcome to the Zoological Society of Auckland

The Zoological Society of Auckland is a rejuvenated form of the initial Auckland Zoological Society - one of the oldest incorporated societies in New Zealand. Developed originally in 1929 in association with Auckland Zoological Gardens, its remit was "to encourage the study of zoology, to promote knowledge interest and to encourage the protection of native fauna of New Zealand" and "to provide for the [Auckland] zoo, a representative collection of the fauna of the world".

We aim to inspire and excite

The modern new look Zoological Society of Auckland has similar values, and aims to inspire, excite, educate and inform members and guests alike by providing a range of talks and events that are current, professional, entertaining and pertinent. In doing so the Society will additionally support zoological based research and conservation projects utilising funds derived from its activities.  The ZSA Conference and Advanced Practice Travel Grants scheme is now available to provide some financial support to members that are attending a conference to present research or for those engaging in advancement of best practice within the field of zoology and conservation.

Our affiliation with the Auckland Zoo

The Society is also closely affiliated with  Auckland Zoo, and Society members benefit from this close alliance with personalised behind the scenes tours, collaborative events and reduced annual membership fees to the Zoo.

So, if you want to learn from industry specialists and scientists, mix with zoology professionals, enjoy zoo related activities and help support conservation, join us.

Click on the membership tab below our banner to find out the benefits of joining the Zoological Society of Auckland and to see membership categories, benefits and prices. Please browse our new site and return regularly to see how it develops.

We hope to see you at our next event . For more information check out Zoological Society of Auckland Seminars, the ZSA Calendar of Events or become a friend on our Facebook page.

Coming Up


Our next talk of 2019:

A history of the kiwi at Mataia

by Carol & Colin Beddow

Click here for details

Talk starts at 6:30pm at Grasslands Lecture Theatre, Auckland Zoo

An overview of our 2019 talks can be found here!