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Seminars and Events in 2010

Seminars and Associated Field Trips

Two of our 2010 seminars had associated field trips:-

  • The seminar planned for 18th June on "Animal Behaviour" will have an associated field trip on the Saturday or Sunday of the following weekend
  • The seminar planned for 19 November on "Obesity and Marathons: The Annual Cycle of Bar-tailed Godwits" will have an associated visit to the Miranda Shorebird Centre to see the Godwits and other migratory waders on Saturday 21 November.

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18th NovemberProfessor Russell Gray
University of Auckland
Tool manufacture, culture & cognition: New Caledonian crows as a model system
20th NovemberField Trip(to be confirmed)
21st OctoberProfessor Mike Walker
University of Auckland
Animal magnetism: The magnetic sense and its use in long distance navigation by animals
16th SeptemberMaj de Poorta - Ark in the Park
Hazel Speed - DoC
A Conservation Medley to celebrate Conservation Week
Ark in the Park - Look Mum No Fence
Kokako: Recovery in the Hunua Ranges
19th AugustDr Maurice Curtis
Senior Lecturer, Auckland University
New brain cells for old brains: what one species tells us about the next
22nd JulyCurator of Land Vertebrates
Auckland Museum
The land vertebrates collection at Auckland museum – scope, importance and history
17th JuneCatherine Nichols
Senior Primate Keeper, Hamilton Zoo
Chimp Rescue (working title) PLUS FIELD TRIP
20th JuneCatherine Nichols
Senior Primate Keeper, Hamilton Zoo
FIELD TRIP: Hamilton Zoo visit - includes exclusive behind the scenes tour. Watch this space for further details.
20th MayAssociate Professor Dianne Brunton
Massey University
The role of song in the life history strategies of the New Zealand Bellbird
15th AprilSteph Behrens
Senior Species Manager, NZ Fauna, Zoo and Aquarium Association
Bryde’s Whale and Vessel Collisions in Northern New Zealand
18th MarchDr John Perrott
Senior Lecturer, Unitec New Zealand
The Enigma of Range Limitation in New Zealand Kookaburra
18th FebruaryPeter Fraser
Conservation Officer Auckland Zoo
Conservation in Zoos -21st Century Style

Seminars in 2009

19th NovemberKeith WoodleyObesity and Marathons:
The AnnualCycle of Bar-tailed Godwits
15th OctoberDr Helen SchofieldA Zoo's Journey - Franklin Zoo and Wildlife Sanctuary
17th SeptemberJeremy CorfieldKiwi brains
20th AugustBen Barr & Dylan van WinkelNew Zealand Lizards
16th JulyProfessor Richard FaullThe Marvels of the Human Brain
18th JuneMark FarnworthAnimal Behaviour
21th MayDr Lorne RobertsEnrichment in Zoological Parks